Frequent questions

What powers COBB?

The Cobb can be used with 4 different fuel sources.

1. COBB COBBLESTONE: This fuel is made specifically for Cobb. Made from a renewable resource - coconut shell, it's quick and easy to light, burns hotter than charcoal briquettes and lasts around 2 hours (ideal for all cooking both on the plate and general grilling).

2. ULTRA QUICK: This fuel has the same composition as Cobblestone and burns for about 1 1/2 hours (ideal for cooking on the plate).

3. GOOD QUALITY CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES: Use between 6 & 15 briquettes. For more heat use up to 15 briquettes. For grilling use only 4-8 briquettes and always keep the domed lid open to retain heat. Burns for about 3 hours (doesn't burn as hot as Cobblestone but works well especially for the longer cook times).

4. ROTATION WOOD: It is a perfectly acceptable fuel source, a full fire basket will burn for up to 2 hours.

DO NOT overfill the fire basket and DO NOT put fuel in the pit. This will cause a fire and damage your Cobb.

What charcoal / briquettes can I use?

Any good quality briquette will work fine in the COBB, better quality briquettes burn cleaner, hotter and longer. We recommend cobblestones as the safest type of charcoal as it ignites quickly and lasts for a long time. It also allows you to clean it easily after using it in the dishwasher.

Why is there no smoke or flame?

Because of the way the grill is designed, the Cobb is virtually smokeless and flameless. The grill is curved and tapered outwards from the center of the grill. ALL grease and excess residue will run off the sides of the grill into the flavor well and not into the fuel, thus reducing the smoke level and the risk of flame

How many people can I cook for?

The Cobb Premier / PRO / Compact / Premier Gas is designed to cook for 1-4 people. The Cobb Supreme can cook for up to 10 people.

Does it do for indoors?

COBB is designed for outdoor use only. However, the gas powered COBB Gas can be used anywhere, even indoors.


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